Frequently asked questions for Dried Grass Straws

How long can the dried grass straws be stored for?

Dried grass straw can be stored for 1 year in room temperature.

Does the grass straw contain any chemicals?

No. 100% natural. The manufacture process of the dried straw did not use any form of chemical cleaning agents. We used saline water and dried by vacuum sterlization before passing through UV light.

Does the grass straw affect the flavour of the drinks?

No. The straws have a very mild and pleasant natural frageance.

Is there any certification for the straws?

Yes, we have ISO certificates on our grass straws: - ISO 16649 - ISO 7937 - ISO 21527 - BAM Chapter 12 - AOAC 980.31 We do not use the common ISO for straws because we are not plastic straws!