How was the dried grass straw made...?


The straws were harvested. Yes it was a plant. A real plant.

The dried grass straw has a binomial name called 'Lepironia Articulata'.

The grass grew on the side of the Mekong River. The straw used to be 2.5 meters tall and was harvested to become the 20 cm straw in your hand.

The farmers harvested and collected the grass. The grass was then cleaned and cut into 20 cm length before we cleaned the interior with metal rods to ensure the hollowed plant would be good enough to be a straw.

The piece would then go through fresh water cleaning and rinsing 3 times before getting heat dried and UV light sterilization.

So you may ask, what makes this different from a plastic straw?

First of all, no sea turtles would get nose piercing anytime with the dried grass straws in your hand, which is very important (and I am not posting that painful photo of the sea turtle getting the plastic straw in its nostril. You may look it up if you have not seen it. But I warn you, it is not pretty).

Secondly, the straw itself is biodegradable. So given time, the straw will compose and go back to the environment.

Thirdly, there are no glue or bleach or other harmful chemicals used during the production of the straw, so there are nothing that can cause serious environmental impact discharged during the production.

So yes. It is an environmental friendly product in your hand. Hopefully this would help the environment and sustain what we see today for the kids in the future.

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