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Dried grass straws. Product of Vietnam. Made with Lepironia Articulata. The stem was hollowed out, cleaned with fresh water and dried by heat before passing through UV light.


乾草飲管產自越南。成份為100%石龍芻 。飲管中間空心,經過清水洗淨,烘乾,再經過紫外光消毒。



Length 20-21cm

Diameter 0.45-0.6mm (Different part of stem on the grass used to make drinking straw)


Tested and Accredited with:

ISO 16649-2:2001

ISO 7937:2004

BAM Chapter 12

AOAC 980.31 (21st Ed., 2019)

ISO 21527-2:2008


Mother Earth thank you for your help.


Dried Grass Straw 500pcs | 乾草飲管 (500 枝商務裝)

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